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Nile Blues is the sound of indigenous African instruments crafted and played along the Nile River since the dawn of a man. Instruments such as Adunguu, African harp, Nyatiti, Zeze, Kalimba, Malimba and Kalimba.

Who We Are

The Nile Blues Project is collective of lovers of Africa’s tradition instruments. We make, collect, restore and preserve indigenous African instruments. It's headquarters is at the Warriors Compound located in Arusha, Tanzania.


The goal of Nile Blues Project is going to build a museum in Arusha, Tanzania dedicated to the crafting, restoration, collection and preservation of African traditional Instruments. Our museum will not only tell the history of these instruments but also teach how to tune and play them.


Services & Programs


Since 2012, Nile Blues has partnered with primary and elementary schools in Arusha, Tanzania to teach the crafting and playing of traditional music instruments and music theory.



The Nile Blues Project offers a mobile and on-site museum at the Warriors Compound in Arusha, Tanzania. Our museum is dedicated to the crafting, restoration, collection and preservation of African traditional Instruments. Our museum tells the history of these instruments and also teach how to tune and play them.

To book a exhibit please contact Aika on whatsapp at +255 655 106 418


The Nile Blues Project have been hosting volunteers since 2012. Our volunteers teach in schools and also have the opportunity to craft and learn to play their own instruments. Volunteers work with local musicians to record and create music and live events for the community. Volunteers assist in the functioning of the on-site recording studio WOTE STUDIOS and our online radio WOTE Radio whereby we broadcast and play positive liberation music including Nile Blues. 

Volunteers have option of a homestay at the Warrior Compound visitors get to know about Food as Medicine program through our vegetarian home restaurant known as Momy Aika’s kitchen. 

For more information on volunteering with us please contact us at

Events and Live Music

The Nile Blues Project participates in community events such as school graduations and music festivals. Additionally, in collaboration with the Warriors from the East have produced Two Albums of Nile Blues music, which are Nile Blues Volume One (Africa is home) and Nile Blues Volume Two (Mother of the Nile). In these two Albums you will get to listen the most unique African melodies produced by Indigenous African instruments Like Adungu, Nyatiti, Zeze, Jembe blended in with modern music Instruments like Keyboard, guitars and Saxophone, which makes the Nile blues music most unique and beautiful.


The Nile Blues music genre connects the missing part of African History, where by it connects all African Tribes due to the fact that Nile Blues music was a big part of ancient African culture as it was a part of every day life, people would sing while working, farming hunting, celebrations was also used an expression during sorrowful moments. Each African tribe had their instruments as their identities. 

Nile Blues Volunteer
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