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By agreeing to Terms and Conditions I accept the following AGREEMENT made between myself,hereinafter called "PUBLISHER" and AFRICAN MUSIC NOW hereinafter called "COMPANY" is as follows:

  1. PUBLISHER is the owner, or has the right to grant licenses in connection with all music and images hereinafter called “MEDIA” uploaded to COMPANIES website under legal or artistic name.
  2. PUBLISHER hereby gives COMPANY the non-exclusive right, privilege and authority to use said MEDIA, as long as COMPANY performs its obligations under this contract. This includes the right to sell and stream online, to distribute broadcast in any format under the heading, label or market in the entire world.
  3. COMPANY hereby agrees to pay PUBLISHER for every song sold and paid for, which serves to reproduce the said MEDIA, a royalty of: 175 TZS per download 2 TZS per playlist song play (streaming).
  4. COMPANY agrees to furnish to PUBLISHER payment of royalties within 30 days of requesting with a minimum payout of 50,000 TZS.
  5. AGREEMENT effective immediately and applied into perpetuity unless annulled in writing as per section below: COMPANY is free to withdraw from all or a part of the obligations herein agreed upon by giving a ninety (90) days notice. There shall be no release of royalties within the time over which intention to withdraw from the contract is communicated to either party.
  6. PUBLISHER hereby agrees that in the event of any conflict arising from implementation of this contract, to refrain from courts of law and instead submit all complaints to an impartial arbitrator. Decisions of the arbitrator shall be binding, final and conclusive.
  7. By agreeing this contract I also agree to the Terms and Conditions as set by African Music Now on their website www.africanmusicnow.com
  8. I understand that I am responsible for correctness of the information given including my personal identification data.
  9. The present contract shall be governed by laws of the United Republic of Tanzania.