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Ran-D Msanii Biography

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Hip hop / Rap

I go by the name Oscar Odhiambo (biologically speaking) - aka Ran-D/Ghetto Advocate/Tripple O (artistically speaking.) I am a Hip Hop artist, poet and community activist who uses music as a tool to entertain and educate my audience. I enjoy writing and performing , for music to me provides a platform through which I can always interact with the public without seeming to be somewhat overcharging in any way whatsoever. It is through music that I get to express myself iwithout fear of being reprimanded. Therefore, as an artist and, community activist - music to me is a medium through which I use to articulate alternative views through the use of sound and picture. Join me in my musical journey as I spread the universal gospel of. "Music is all about getting in to the groove, so get down next to them JBL speakers and let me walk you through my musical expedition." Welcome to Ran-D's world!